I watched ‘the pianist’ and I thought it was good. I don’t mind what year it’s from, Please help me find some good world war 2 movies because I like them…


I am very interested in the whole world war 2 or and I was wondering if there are any good books about world war 2.Or any books on hitler’s life and the concentration camps.I would also like to know of good WW2 movies.I have seen a few good ones and would like to see more also.


I love to learn about world war 2 but i don’t know any good movies about it. The only movie i know is The Pianist. Do you guys know any good ones? Thanks!

Alexis :)


What are good World War 2 movies about the Germans. I dont want documentaries I want movies like something like the movie Stalingrad. Please answer any ones you can think of.


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i really enjoy watching world war 2, documentaries, movies games etc.
some of my favourite world war 2 movies are, saving private ryan, enemy at the gates, defiance, valkarie etc.
any one have any suggestions?